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Owner Information

Reminder to all owners of their responsibility to the Association of Owners

​​The Association hires 2 full-time grounds keepers and 2 part-time helpers for summer work, to care for the grounds in Colonial Forest as well as doing maintenance and repairs in maintaining the complex. It is the responsibility of owners to continually assess the outside of their units such as:

  • resident gardens for cleanup,

  • orderliness of appearance of their immediate exterior and  

  • items needing painting and repairs they are responsible for. 


​If owners reside away from the complex, it is incumbent upon that owner  to see that the resident, in lieu of owner residing on sight, maintains the unit in your absence.


Here are the basic items that is the responsibility of every owner/resident in Colonial Forest to maintain in good condition:


  • Decks and steps- painted and /or repaired with approved color posted on this web site

  • Railings-paint or repair with approved color  (railings and lamps must be consistent in color)

  • Lattice- paint or replace (plastic is preferred to wood) only with small square design on replacement page of web site.

  • Outside Lamps- clean, paint or replace with approved lamp posted on the web site approved replacement items.

  • Doors-(all out side entrance doors which includes storm doors) refinish, repair, or replace, see replacement doors allowed on the replacement page.

  • Patios- Must to kept clean of debris and kept free of clutter, only deck items can be displayed on the patios.

  • Grill- One per deck.

  • Window Dressings- White or off white only showing to the street and must be in good condition and neatly hung.

  • Hanging or Deck Plants- Limited front and back so as not to look cluttered and they must be well cared for, remove dead plants or leaves.

  • Hoses and Garden Tools- When not in use they must be put away in garage or neatly coiled on a holder.

  • Private Resident Garden- Must have a resident garden sign and be maintained or the staff will take over that areas care.

  • Unit Exterior Changes- Must be approved in writing by the Board (not just one member of the Board) prior to starting the change and it must be within the time frame of the approval.

  • Common Areas- Are strictly for the complex use and no owners can assume any part of the common area as their own.  It must be kept free of items that are not in use at the time, they cannot be stored in the common area that is for all to use.


For owner/resident convenience, all replacement items with pictures are posted on this web site under "Owner Information" .


​The Board requires all owners/residents to follow the rules (posted on this web site) and  the Board must notify said owners/residents of non-compliance issues, listed  above or any other obvious problems not listed, being committed by an owner/resident and given written notice in a warning letter to fix the issue or be assessed a possible fine.


It is obligation of  the Association  to see that owners   maintain  the appearance and value of their property for the benefit of all owners therefore each owner/resident must do their part to make sure this occurs.

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