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Contact Colonial Forest HOA

Please use the form below to contact the Association, with questions and concerns. For campus maintenance issues use the adjacent form (right) to Contact Colonial Forest Maintenance Staff.

If there is a non-life-threatening emergency situation, please call the Targa Property Management Office at 253-815-0393. If there is a life-threatening emergency call 911. 

Contact Mark Pierovich 253-754-6049

Or, you may fill out the contact us form on the form below.

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Contact Colonial Forest Maintenance

Use the form below to contact our maintenance staff.

Please include your phone number, building and unit number, and a brief description of your maintenance issue in the message area. 


A maintenance staff member will schedule and work on your Association-related request in the course of their daily scheduled activities. For emergency issues call the Targa Property Management Office at 253-815-0393.

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