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Decks and Railings Repair and Maintenance

There are many product options now besides paint or stain.  Residents should use a shade of gray that blends with their building and the complex.

Decks, porches, and steps may be replaced with gray composite decking material.  Wood surfaces should be painted with a medium gray exterior paint or stain.  Whether composite or wood, the gray color must be consistent with the rest of the campus.  Residents in buildings with shared porches should collaborate to ensure that the porch is a consistent medium gray color throughout.

Railings must be wrought iron and match the original campus style.  Replacements must follow the building scheme of white rails/white lamps, or black rails/black lamps.

Clear plexiglass on back decks as shown here is permitted for child or pet safety.  It must be neatly installed and kept clean.

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