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Homeowner Contact Form

Homeowner Resident Contact Form


All Colonial Forest owners are required to complete the Homeowner Resident Contact Form upon moving into Colonial Forest and annually, even if your contact information is unchanged from last year.  This complies with Rule 11 of the Rules & Regulations.

Your Board of Directors is dedicated to serving the needs of the community.  We keep owners and residents informed primarily through monthly meeting minutes and occasional emails.  However, there could be times when your Board needs to contact you personally.

In case of emergency, we must be able to reach you.  A good example is a leaking water pipe.  There have been several leaking pipes over the years that required immediate action and temporary shutoff of the main water supply to the building.  The Board can notify you about situations like this and more serious emergencies only if we have your current contact information.

Your information will be kept by the Board for emergency purposes only and will never be shared with anyone.  Thank you for your time and cooperation.

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