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Approved Replacement Items



Owners using non-approved replacement items will be held responsible to remove and install the approved item(s) at their expense. If you have difficulty finding any item on this page, please call or use the Contact Us page for assistance. 

This is the only style door to use as replacement for the front door, it is a white 6 panel 36 inch metal door.

You have a choice of a full 6 panel 32 inch metal door or the 2 panel 32 inch 1/2 metal door with 1/2 window in the  door as seen above for the rear entry doors only.

You can either replace with current boards or composite boards as long as they are light grey as shown here. Deck painting instructions, including the deck paint formula is located at  the right of this picture . 

This is the current style of replacement railing with inside railing frame being the spiral design of the railings and if you have black outside lamps then you put black wrought iron rails in and same principle with white with white.

If you replace your old windows you need to purchase like style new vinyl windows and use white surrounding caulking.

For buildings with stand alone garages in Bldgs, 1,3,4,5,6,17 and 20 you can put in a vinyl fence and gate of like style shown above and can be purchased locally at Home Depot.

Pictured at left are the 4- 36 inch Storm Doors for front doors and 32 inch for back doors approved for use in Colonial Forest. You can purchase these at Home Depot locally and also check with other Home Improvement stores that may also carry these styles. On some there is some assembly required. Approved styles locally purchased is at Home depot and the brand is EMCO by Andersen Company and the style numbers are: Forever series 32 ad 36 inch storm doors , 75 series 32 and 36 inch storm doors and the 200 series 32 and 36 storm doors all in white.

16 panel white garage door with above panel needs  4 windows which have cathedral arch panels inserts for the windows and you can order them that way. If you ask the installer he should be able to put the old amber old glass from your current door  into the new door windows. However, if the current glass breaks at removal,  this place currently has replacement  glass  at: Big M stained glass in Tacoma at 253-573-1157

Here is the paint formula for all wood decks, porches  and steps. This formula  and base is available at Home Depot. If you purchase a deck paint, other that this BEHR base formula, the color will not match across units as other base paint will create just a little different color.

These styles of outdoor lamps may be purchased at Home Depot. The brand name of the style is Hampton Bay and the MFG product number is BPL16blk (lower left) for black and BPL1611wht (lower right) for white.

If you are going to replace your lamp(s), be sure to buy the larger version for the front and the smaller version for the back and garage.

As the stores carry limited stock of sizes and colors, check by calling or order online and arrange for in-store pick-up.

Rule: White rails- white lamps and black rails- black lamps.

The lattice approved style is the small square pattern as shown here and it can be wood but the preferred replacement is plastic as it wears better and less maintenance.. Also pictured is the white rail-white lamp use.

You may put clear plexiglass on back decks like shown above from rail to floor for pet or child safety etc. 

If you want to maintain in the limited common area around your unit you may as long as you maintain it and post the sign above noting you will maintain it.

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