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Association Master Insurance Policy Information

Each year, Rice Insurance brokers Colonial Forest’s insurance needs and customizes the HOA master insurance package for coverage such as general liability, property, crime, etc.  Gary Kelly is the agent, and his email is

Owners need to purchase condominium HO-6 insurance (not renter’s insurance) from your own insurance provider.


The HOA master policy covers the building envelope from the walls “out.”  The homeowner’s HO-6 policy covers:  1) the walls “in,” 2) the HOA master policy $10,000 deductible, and 3) whatever the owner thinks their belongings are worth.  Most owners take out a $30,000 to $40,000 HO-6 policy.  That way if something happens then their personal belongings are covered along with the master policy deductible.  This HO-6 policy is not expensive.


To summarize, be sure you are fully covered:

  • Your policy should include a “Loss Assessment” of at least $10,000 with your secondary insurer.It is very inexpensive coverage.You must add this to your condominium coverage.

  • Be sure your personal belongings are fully insured with HO-6 coverage with your secondary insurer.


The Board of Directors and Targa recommend that you take photos now, include dates, and save receipts of all improvements.  This will show proof of your upgrades in case of an incident and will help assure restoration with those upgrades.


If you need proof of this insurance, contact Mark Pierovich at Targa Real Estate.  Mark’s phone number is 253-754-6049 and his email address is

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