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CIG Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Information on Association Provided  CIG umbrella insurance coverage thru Colonial Forest Association


CIG Master Insurance policy  is the current association coverage  paid for by your condo dues. 

CIG policy covers walls in and will replace with like quality to what was there at construction unless you can show that you completed  improvements.  Improvements should be documented with photos and dates of when the improvements were made.

     Owners are responsible for coverage outside of what CIG  covers:


  • Coverage for the CIG deductible of 5,000 through your own Condo Insurance policy.

  • Pictures and documentation of  improvements.

  • Personal belongings insurable thru your individual condo policy.

  • Any other needs you determine your carrier offers that you may need.


DO NOT purchase a Renters HO4 policy for you secondary insurance but a HO6 condominium policy.


Below is the information to contact CIG insurance which is handled by Rice Insurance LLC :


Rice Insurance LLC

1200 Broadway

P.O.Box 639

Bellingham, WA    98227 

Phone: 360-734-1161

fax: 360-734-1173



Be sure and Identify yourself as an owner in Colonial Forest in Federal Way when contacting the insurance carrier  and also if you need  proof of this insurance contact Targa Real Estate at 253-815-0393 or go to their office at: 720 So. 348th St.  Federal Way, WA 98003.

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