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Owner Information

Homeowner Responsibilities

It is the obligation of all owners to maintain the appearance and value of their property.  The list below is a convenient reference, but not all-inclusive.  Owners should refer to the Rules and Regulations (available on the DOCUMENTS tab) for a complete, detailed list of responsibilities.  Photos and descriptions of approved replacement items can be found on the OWNER INFO/APPROVED REPLACEMENTS tab.

  • Decks, porches, and steps surfaces must be painted and repaired as necessary. Wood surfaces should be painted with a medium gray exterior paint or stain.

  • Barbecues and grills of any type on wood surfaces are prohibited.

  • Heat pumps:  All heat pumps, regardless of type, are strictly prohibited. 

  • Railings and outside lamps:  Must be free of rust and painted the same color as all the railings in that same building.

  • Lattice under porches:  Must be painted white if wood.  Plastic is preferred to wood and should be either the small square or small diamond pattern as pictured on the OWNER INFO/APPROVED REPLACEMENTS tab.

  • Outside lamps:  Paint or replace with approved lamp style as pictured on the OWNER INFO/APPROVED REPLACEMENTS tab.  Lamps must be the same color as all the other lamps and railings in the same building.

  • Doors:  All exterior doors, whether steel or fiberglass, must be white and 6-panel style.  Storm doors must also be white.  Approved storm door styles are pictured on the website.  All exterior doors must be kept clean and free of rust and damage.  Doors should be painted, repaired, or replaced when necessary.

  • Patios:  Must be kept clean of debris and free of clutter.

  • Window dressings:  Anything visible from the street must be white or off-white and must be in good condition and neatly hung.

  • Hanging baskets/planters:  Limited to four per deck side or porch and must be maintained.

  • Hoses:  When not in use they must be put away in the garage or neatly coiled on a holder.

  • Private resident garden:  Must have a “Resident Garden” sign and must always be maintained. 

  • Unit exterior changes:  Must be approved in writing by the Board of Directors.  NO EXEMPTIONS. 

  • Common areas:  Are strictly for community use and no owners can assume any part of the common area as their own.  It must be kept free of items that are not in use at the time.  Personal items cannot be stored in any common area or placed for sale or for “free.”

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