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What's New at Colonial Forest?
Contact/Change Forms 


The Colonial Forest Homeowners Association requires all new residents to submit a contact form upon moving into our community, and for all current residents to submit an updated form on an annual basis, or whenever a change is made in their contact information. This needs to be 100% as we use this information to know who lives here and how to contact them. 


We this form for: emergencies in the complex when necessary to notify the person residing in the complex unit ( the legal owner or occupying family member)  as soon as possible.  To do this we need to know who owns the unit, or who lives there on a continuous basis, and their contact information, in case we need to get in touch with someone on on an emergency situation. 


Therefore we are asking if all will please comply and return the document posted on this web site every January or when a circumstance has changed. It is not only for your safety and assistance, but necessary to update directory information at the front gate to keep the gate codes current.


When we have a project in here we can contact you personally and quickly if necessary. So you can see there is a need and it is also in the Rules and Regulations you agreed to abide by when purchasing in here.  


Amazon Delivery in our Complex


Amazon does their own deliveries with their own vehicles and personnel. They do this full time with the Amazon Logo on the vehicles and delivery personnel with uniforms.

For more information on what Amazon's actions in this regard, please visit,  ​If you have concerns about Amazon deliveries, please contact






Painting your Railings, Lamps and Doors


A tip to save re-painting your rails, lamps and metal doors, put a coat of spray car wax on them and they will remain rust free as long as you do it yearly.  


This also works on older metal doors, lamps and railings. After cleaning and re-painting, apply a coat of spray car wax on them It will save you a lot of time with fixing the rust that will inevitably return.

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